A collection of classic retro football shirts!


Hi! ...Thanks for visiting! 

Welcome to my online football shirt archive, a site dedicated to my personal treasured collection of shirts which I have steadily been collecting since the mid 90s.


I am a huge football fan in general and had already acquired a number of England and Spurs shirts from 1995-96. I began collecting even more wherever possible and it grew from there. I was further inspired by an episode of MTV Cribs featuring ex Man United star Jordi Cruyff who was showing off an amazing collection (including a priceless Bobby Moore No.7 England gift from his dad!).

I collected from my teens until 2003 when i sold many at a car boot sale for around 90 quid. I regretted selling them soon after as i had lost many obscure Dutch and Austrian league i restarted my collection based on the 35 or so i couldnt part with. These formed the basis of my second wave of shirts! I currently have near on 200-odd shirts from many clubs all over of the world. It makes for a great hobby and certainly makes for topical stagewear at gigs with my band!

I am a Spurs fan myself but collecting shirts really does makes you appreciate other teams, classic kits and their history. My favourite shirt is a Spurs 3rd kit by Adidas in 1999 and AC Milan 1993. Please feel free to take a look and any feedback is welcome. My shirts are not for sale but i welcome questions, advice, loans, rentals and do consider and welcome any NEW additions of course if you have any in the loft!!

Have a nice day..and if you spot any shirts when your out, let me know!!


Rich performing at Stafford Castle 2009 in his favourite AC Milan 1993 home shirt!